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Gallo immenso is passionate about everything which involves the collecting of interesting items rich with nostalgia, color, and beauty. Just about anything can be collected and preserved. It’s not just about stamps and coins as you might think!

Some people collect butterflies and moths while others collect first edition comic books. Yet, despite there being many things worthy of collecting, the most notable collectibles which have made headlines in recent years have been paintings, coins, banknotes, and various types of memorabilia like items from the World War.

What You Can Expect To See On Our Site

We have covered several different topics related to the collection of weird and wonderful things which we hope you will enjoy…


Have you ever wondered what made someone decide to become a collector of postage stamps or banknotes? Well, we thought the same which is why we decided to explore the various aspects of the psychology behind those who collect either as a hobby or as professionals.


There are times when headlines are going crazy with the news that a certain collected item has just been auctioned for thousands, if not millions of dollars. Our posts highlight some of the rarest collectibles in the world and the history which surrounds these rare finds. We’re talking currencies, books, and jewelry.


There is usually a dictionary name for every single thing which gets done these days and it comes as no surprise when we tell you there’s a name for almost any kind of collector too. The list is more than likely growing by the day as more and more people realize the true beauty of the hobby.

But, this gives you all the more reason to continue your pristine collection of first edition comic books or model cars. You never know what the true monetary value of these items may be. If you’re not interested in the money, the at least person you pass your collection onto will surely be pleasantly surprised!

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