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Banknotes – Which Is The Rarest Of Them All?

Banknotes – Which Is The Rarest Of Them All?

It is not an often occurrence when we find ourselves with a rare and sometimes extremely valuable banknote. Currencies are always fluctuating in value but there are currencies in the world which are no longer in circulation.

Some of these have been found by collectors and to many peoples surprise, has turned out to have great monetary value because of the rarity. Below, we’ve listed some of the rarest banknotes of the 21st-century!

U.S. Gold Certificate (1863-1933)

The U.S. gold certificates are banknotes which are not only highly collectible but are also now legal to own too. The 1928 gold certificates come in 10, 20, 50, 100, 500, and 1000 bills. The value of these gold certificates is usually twice the value of the note coupled with the condition of the note itself.

The rarest gold certificate from 1882 was a $100 bill, one of only seven, which was auctioned at over $110 000 in 2013. In 1933, gold certificates were withdrawn and it was made illegal to be in ownership of the certificates. In 2013, a $1000 bill printed in 1891, sold for over two million dollars!

1918 $1000 U.S. Alexander Hamilton Bill

There are only 50 of these in existence today and are valued at $7000. Printed in 1918, only the $1000 Alexander Hamilton Bill is a collectible as the higher denominations only exist in museums.

1 000 000 Pound Banknote

This banknote was printed in 1948. The notes were part of a $300 million loan from the US but were never made legal tender. It was used each time the treasury needed to borrow funds from the Bank of England. This banknote was sold for $115 000.

Australia’s First Issued Banknote

There is only one bill which remains from the first printing of Australia’s first paper currency which was issued in 1817. Only a hundred ten shilling notes were printed. The Bank of South Wales didn’t even have a copy of the printed note. However, one of these notes was found in Scotland and it is valued at $226 000.

Rare Australian 1924 1000 Pounds

Sold at an auction, the world record was set for the most expensive Australian banknote ever sold which was at 1.2 million US dollars. 1000 pound notes only circulated for a short time before these were restricted for internal affairs and exchanges between banks. The current value of this banknote is 1.2 million US dollars.

1890 U.S. Grand Watermelon Bill

The Grand Watermelon banknote is the most sought-after antique currency. There are only one of two remaining today. One of which is held by the Bank of San Francisco. The name originates from the appearance of stripes of green lines in the numbers which resemble a watermelon. These notes are valued at $3.2 million.

Isn’t it a wonder how many other antique notes are out there waiting to be discovered by a collector of banknotes? Just how valuable will those banknotes be?