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The Priciest Collectibles in the World Today

The Priciest Collectibles in the World Today

There are some amazing collectibles in the world today and it’s hard to comprehend just how big the monetary value on these items can get to as the years pass us by. You will be surprised by what some rare collectibles are worth these days. Below, we’ve listed a few of the most expensive collectibles in the world!

The Gutenberg Bible

Not many books existed when movable type printing was invented. However, the Gutenberg Bible was one of the first books which were produced with a Gutenberg movable type printer. There are less than 50 copies in existence today. Rated as some of the most valuable editions, one of these is worth over $20 000.

Double Fantasy Album By John Lennon

This album was produced by John Lennon in collaboration with Yoko Ono and released three weeks before his untimely death. A signed copy of the Double Fantasy album by John Lennon reportedly sold for $525 000.

T-206 Honus Wagner Baseball Card

This card, printed by the American Tobacco Company, abruptly stopped the production of this card after only printing 200 cards. Rumors have it this was due to Wagner either demanding more money from the company or deciding to no longer be associated with cigarettes. One of these cards can set you back over one million dollars!

Treskilling Yellow Stamp

In 1885, Sweden made a collection of postage stamps called the Treskilling stamps which had the Swedish coat of arms. The stamps were blue-green in color, however, a handful was printed in yellow by mistake. To this day, only one of the Treskilling yellow stamps has ever been found. In 1996, the yellow stamp sold for over two million dollars.

William Shakespeare’s Autograph

During Shakespeare’s lifetime, he only signed two legal documents which totaled six of his signatures. There were three signatures on the deed’s of his home and three signatures on his will. Today, these documents are owned by private institutions. However, one of these is said to valued at over three million dollars.

407 Carat Diamond Necklace

Could you ever imagine just how valuable a huge egg-shaped diamond would be if you found one just lying in the ground you are walking on today? Neither could we! The largest diamond necklace was made by a diamond this big after it was found by a girl from the Congo. At 407 carats, the diamond necklace is currently worth over 50 million dollars!

Now we definitely know that we can sometimes underestimate the true value of something we find. Especially when it’s something we didn’t think twice about when we first found it. For example, those of us who listened to John Lennon’s Double Fantasy album when it was first released.

Although, there is always a greater meaning to rare objects than monetary value. What rich history surrounds that object? Where did it come from? The joys of this intriguing hobby are plentiful!