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A Look At The Psychology Behind Vintage Collecting

A Look At The Psychology Behind Vintage Collecting

Have you ever wondered what drives people to collect certain items? We have and that’s why we decided to explore the reasons why people spend a great deal of time, energy, and money building up collections of things.

Collectors will often scour through flea markets and auctions to find that perfect gem. It’s always a thrilling experience when anyone comes across something which holds great value or is a perfect reminder of times past.

What Is Collecting?

Most collectors find more meaning in collecting with the emotional gratification of the hobby as opposed to the financial gain in the cases when they are collecting rare items, like an exotic vehicle from apexluxurycarhire.com/car-rental-locations/spain/marbella/. There are a variety of reasons as to why people collect things.

This includes these items helping the collector relive a part of their childhood or simply just the thrill of acquiring valuable gems. Usually, there are several factors which influence a person to collect something.

The Scientific Perspective

It’s not just a popular belief that there is a dark side to the hobby of collecting. Several psychologists have stated, through studies and medical journals, the dangers of compulsive collecting of objects such as hoarding.

Collecting can become addictive in the same way people can become addicted to gambling or drugs. While collectors who acquire items of value, there are individuals who store up objects with no monetary value. An example of this can be a pile of magazines or newspapers which are worth nothing and not categorized in any particular order.

Their research has proven this type of behavior stems from birth right from the moment a mother and child bond. For example, a child may find comfort in a certain blanket that is very soft or a particular color.

Often, when children find this kind of comfort, they will refuse to go anywhere without the blanket. This is an indication the child finds security in the blanket. The same can be said about collectors according to psychologists theories put forward in behavioral studies.

If you imagine collecting your favorite comic book series as a child and how happy you would become after you got each edition, the theory does ring true. Over time, as your comic book pile stacks higher and higher, you feel almost protective over the books. These become your ultimate pride and joy.

The Start Of A Lifelong Pursuit

As a child, you may have collected your favorite stamps or comic books but perhaps that childhood activity sparked a big desire within you to find rare things which held value and important information. As your mind begins to crave more knowledge about things which interest you (for example, you could book an exotic Dubai vacation with a Mini Cooper), so too does the desire within increase to find collectibles which symbolize what was and what will be.

Years go by and your prized collection grows. Perhaps one day springs along and to your amazement, your collection has more monetary value than you imagined. This is one of the many wonderful things about this kind of hobby!