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Top 4 Collectors Who Have Made History!

Top 4 Collectors Who Have Made History!

It is always interesting to know the stories behind collections of memorabilia and the likes such as who collected these items and what history surrounds these collections. Often, we hear in the news about rare objects which have sold for thousands of dollars at auctions.

Yet, who collected that rarity? How did the collector find such a treasure? Where did it come from and why is it so valuable? Below, we take a brief look at four collectors who have made history!

Famous Collectors

#1 James Allan

James is an American antique collector who has often said his fascination with antiques began when he was very young. He is well-known for his photograph collection of the lynchings in America. Lynchings are murders carried out by mobs of people who deny their victims of a fair trial if convicted of a crime.

The collection consists of 145 photographs which include the lynching of African-American mother and son, Laura and Lawrence Nelson, in 1911, in Oklahoma. Another photograph included in the collection is the lynching of Leo Max Frank in 1915 in Georgia. He was a convicted murderer.

James Allan’s collections can be seen at the Smithsonian and the High Museum of Art in Atlanta.

#2 Joaquín Rubio y Muňoz

A Spanish antiquarian and numismatist, Joaquín spent many years collecting centuries-old coins including antique coins from ancient Carthage, Greece, and Rome.

The majority of his collections of ancient coins and medals are exhibited in museums in Spain and Denmark. It is estimated his coin collection is well over 8000 coins and parts of it are kept at the National Archaeological Museum of Spain in Madrid.

#3 King George V

Believe it or not, King George V was a passionate philatelist back in his days. His fascination with postage stamps began when his father, Prince Alfred, gave King George his private stamp collection.

King George V received a wedding gift, an album of over 1000 stamps, from fellow members of the Royal Philatelic Society in 1893. In 1905, he bought a very rare stamp called the Mauritius two pence blue. There are only 27 of its kind in the world. This particular stamp sold at an auction at over $3 million.

#4 Raleigh DeGeer Amyx

Raleigh is an American collector and historian. He has collected mementos from NASA, the Olympics, sports as well as Presidential items. He is the founder of the American Heritage Manuscripts and Collectibles.

Raleigh began collecting things like coins, stamps, and butterflies at the age of seven. Today, the majority of his collections are made up of items used by famous Americans.

He has collected sports mementos from baseball, football, boxing, and the Olympics. This includes three original Super Bowl rings which were presented to Washington Redskins players in the late 80s and early 90s.

The Olympian Collectors Club reported that Raleigh’s Olympic Medal collection is ranked in the top four collections in the world!

You never know the value of the gems you find!