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Six of the Best and Weird Things People Collect Today

Six of the Best and Weird Things People Collect Today

In the world of collecting, there are simply thousands of different items people collect. The most commonly collected items which we often hear about today are stamps and coins. However, you’d be surprised at how fascinating people have become with things they collect which some of us would never dream of ever finding.

It’s easy to forget that most things we have today are rich in history. This forms an integral part of who we are and where we come from so it’s no wonder we are naturally fascinated by the origins of antique objects and the like. Below, we list some of the most interesting things people collect today!

Cake Plates

Some people collect cake plates in an array of designs and colors simply because they have the pure love for baking and go crazy over a beautifully set dessert table display. Others spend years collecting cake plates which have been passed through their families over the years to preserve the family legacies.

Old Photos

Anyone who loves history is going to love vintage photographs. These photographs are windows into the past giving us a glimpse into eras which have shaped the world in which we live today. Some collectors love acquiring photographs which were taken using cameras which no longer exist.

Sewing Spools

Many men and women are passionate about all things thread and needle. Sewing goes back in centuries to the times where bones and animal skins were used to make such things. The first invention of a wooden spool is attributed to James Clark of the Clark family when cotton production in the 19th-century was at its highest.

Travel Tags

Travel tags have been around longer than you’d think especially when you think about how traveling was such a luxury before the 20th-century. In those days, whether traveling on a train or staying at a hotel, trunks and suitcases were labeled with tags. People collect these as travel mementos of places they have visited. Collectors often place travel tags in beautiful frames and put them up on a wall for display.

Butter Pat Plates

You often don’t find butter pat plates around anymore. These little pieces of tableware were widely used in the Victorian and Edwardian eras where any occasion to eat a meal at the dinner table required a full setup of crockery and cutlery. Butter pat plates come in different shapes like ovals and squares with unique designs.

Doll Houses

These are not just for little girls and their dolls. There are miniature enthusiasts who take the hobby of collecting dollhouses very seriously. It was in the 1900s where dollhouses and all the objects inside the little houses were carefully made by hand with intricate detailing and designs. There have been doll houses which were used by Royal family members in the old ages which sold for millions of dollars.

Mementos or not, there is always more to collecting than meets the eye!