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Valuable Italian Lira Coins Still Used In The 21st-century!

Valuable Italian Lira Coins Still Used In The 21st-century!

Italy has gone through several different types of coinage throughout the centuries. Up until 1861, Italy was always a divided country and so each city-state used different coinage types. However, after the unification in 1861, the Italian lira was put into place as the currency and used as such until 2002.

The Italian lira also replaced the Lombardy-Venetia pound, Two Sicilies piastra, Tuscan fiorino, Papal States scudo, and the Parman lira. As of February that same year, the old lira-denominated currency became illegal tender. Since then, Italy has used the Euro as its currency. Below, we’ve highlighted a few of the Italian lira coins which are still circulated today!

5 Lira 1946 Grape

Italy minted and circulated the first 5 lire coin in 1946. A bunch of grapes featured on the coin makes it very unique. A 5 lira in really good condition from 1946 until 1947 could be worth over 1200 euros today. However, coins from other years could be worth much less.

Coins minted from 1951 until 1955 are worth less now because of mass production. The interruption of the production for eight years of the 5 lire in 1956 has put a much greater value on the coin. It is estimated to be valued at almost 2000 euros.

10 Lira 1954, 1955, 1947

The most valued Italian lira for collectors is the 10 Lira of 1947. These coins can be worth anything over 6000 euros. Even though the 10 Lira of 1954 is rare, it is not as rare as the 1947 coin.

However, collectors will still pay up to 70 euros for this particular coin. The 1955 Lira is the most common coin which can have a value of up to 20 euro if it is found to be in excellent condition.

50 Lira of 1958

There were five different types of 50 lira coins which were marketed with no commemorative coins. Of all the lira from 1954-2001, the coin with the highest value is the 1958.

50 lire with a date of 1960 or less can be worth anything from 50 to over 800 euros. If the coins are in perfect condition, the coins can be worth up to 2000 euros. The later the year of minting and production of the coin, the lower the value of the coin such as pieces from 1968 onwards. These coins will only be worth a couple of euros.

500 Lira Silver 1957

This particular Italian lira coin has some interesting engravings and its limited circulation means this coin’s value is much more than any other lira. Its value can exceed over 15 thousand euros!

You never know when you might come across these little gems. If you do happen to get your hands on one or a few, be sure to check the value of the coin as you might be holding a lot more in your hands than you might believe. Currencies from times past hold a lot of history and value too!